Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Turns out I might be allergic to prunes. Today Mommy came home for lunch and feed me some prunes. By the time mommy was back at the office I had hives on my face. By the time the Dr. saw us the hives where all gone so he told us to keep benadryl on hand in case it happens again. Mommy also set-up my highchair today so I can’t tip over my bumbo and will no longer be the table centerpiece. Here's some pictures of me in my highchair before I broke out in hives.

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Looking Out The Window

Granny and Granddad came to see me this weekend and while Granddad worked on the house I got to look out the bedroom window with Granny. Granny is also teaching me how to crawl - it won't be long before I figure it out on my own.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Old McDonald Farm

For Liam's 3rd Birthday we all went to Old McDonald Farm to celebrate. All the kids had fun checking out the animals.

Liam opening his gifts.


Emmie sitting up in the big girl part of her stroller

Cari, Jens and Anders checking out a deer

Anders feeding a deer (while Steve takes a picture)

The deer checking Emmie out

Emmie & Daddy checking out the calf

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check out Emmie on Karen's Blog

Today Emmie (and I) had a rough day going to 3 Doctors appointments but we also stopped by work so I could show Emmie off. My friend Karen from work had Emmie smiling away and took a great picture of her. It's up on her blog http://chookooloonks.blogphotography.com/archives/7899_1714915339/297688 so check it out.
On another note Emmie is growing and is now just bellow 15 lbs. She is going to need to get a helmet for her little head as she still has a flat spot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dakota and Guthrie

Austin and Dani have names for both the puppies - Dakota is the black lab and Guthrie is the yellow one.

Oh if only they would stay so cute and little!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Vist with Great Granny and Aunt Mavis

Emmie's Great Granny (GG) and her Aunt Mavis (technically her great-great-great Aunt but at that point I think all the "greats" cancel out and you are back to just being "Aunt") came for a quick visit on Sunday with Granny Carol. Emmie had a fun time getting spoiled by everyone and after getting fed her peas by GG it was time for her to go swimming and for them to leave. Emmie is already counting down the days till GG comes back for her Birthday as she promised!

Emmie and GG

GG feeding Emmie
Emmie with Mavis
Emmie w/GG

All of us

Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank you!!!

To end a very busy but very fun weekend we participated in the Take Steps for Chron's and Colits walk. Our team raised over $3K and our personal goal of raising $1K was reached thanks to all of our family and friends. You all are amazing and your support is truly appreciated.
Also a special thanks to Uncle Scott and Pony Express for making the T-Shirts for the G.I. Track team on very short notice; everyone was impressed!
Bellow are some pictures of Emmie with her noise maker as she cheered us on (next year she can push us).

Dinner & a Bath

Emmie is enjoying eating her veggies she actually gets a bit cranky if she doesn't get her 2 servings per day. So far she has had peas, green beans, sweet potatoes and carrots. Carrots are her favorite, well other than Chocolate. We will probably add some fruit to the mix this month. She also likes to help with the feeding process and will shoved the spoon in her mouth as well as suck on her thumb. Normally she gets a bath right after eating; at Granny and G-Daddy’s we use the kitchen sink (or pool) to clean up.

Church is Still Standing

Well after what seemed like a lengthy process we were able to get Emmie Baptized. She is now officially a member of the Catholic Church. The Baptism was short and sweet and yes Emmie cried so there aren't as many pictures as we would have liked. Cari and Steve are the lucky godparents who will need to make sure Chris and I raise her right - wish them luck! We also had a nice party at Granny and G-Daddy's (that's what my dad has decided he want's to be called, I think he's gone nuts) house afterward.
Here are a few pictures, I will add more later or link to Picasa once I've loaded them so check back later for the updates.

More Swimming

Emmie got a very cute bathing suit from Dane and Thomas. I bet Thomas spent hours picking it out for her :-)
As you can see she looks adorable in it!
She's been going swimming a lot and we can't help but take pictures of her so you will see a lot more as we are making sure she will be a happy student when it comes time for her swim lessons in August.