Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nap Time

Emmie has been good this week about taking naps in her bed. Here's a picture of her waking up from one. As you can tell she's a happy little girl after her naps.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Support the G.I. Track Team Crohn's Walk

Emmie says "Don't forget to support the G.I. Track Team Crohn's Walk". The walk is this weekend (June 1st) so please donate if you can. Thank you for those that have already donated you have helped our team raise over $2,900 already!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew turns 1's amazing how modern medicine, God, prayer and a lot of love can turn at little 2 lb 13 oz premature baby into a healthy little 1 year old boy. It’s been wonderful to see him grow strong and get bigger every time we see him. He’s also such a fun and happy little guy. I’m sorry we won’t be in Austin to help him celebrate but are looking forward to seeing him next weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Emmie's our little fish

Play Time

Emmie is enjoying spending time in her jumper and we've had to move it up to the second setting to keep her from sitting in it.

Emmie is also rolling over on her own but just every once in a while. We still haven't caught her doing it on video but as soon as we do we'll post it. She'll be crawling before we know it!

Emmie Ready for Bed

Allie & Emmie

It's really been amazing to see Allie warm up to Emmie. Even from the start of my pregnancy Allie knew something was changing. She went from being very independent to stuck to me. After Emmie was born Allie was very cautious of Emmie but was always watching out to make sure no one got too close without her letting you know she was there. At this point Allie lets Emmie pet her (actually Emmie grabs Allie's fur but Allie doesn't care) and is always checking that we brought Emmie back when we come home with her.


As you can tell from the pictures I really like to play Peek-a-Boo - it make's me laugh!

Mommy's B-day & Mother's Day

For Mommy's Birthday Daddy bought her a new SRL camera (Nikon D60) that both mommy & daddy are enjoying. Hopefully the quality of pictures will improve (but give us time to figure it out). For mommy's birthday we went to La Vista with Linda and enjoyed a nice dinner outside.

For Mother's Day we went to Aunt Erin's to see everyone. Mommy was lazy about taking pictures but she at least got one of the important people...

Ceiling fans are amazing!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Uncle Austin & Aunt Dani's Puppies

Uncle Austin and Aunt Dani have just added two new lab puppies to their lives. Guthrie is a yellow male and a little black female whose name is still up for discussion. The momma is Dani's family dog. The dogs that the owners (or immediate family) did not keep are going to be trained by a local vet to be rescue dogs. Bellow are pictures of the cuties at 4 weeks (2 weeks ago).

Austin's black lab and one of the chocolates that is going to be a rescue dog.
Austin's lab checking him out
Guthrie letting everyone know he's in charge! ~ Watch out Pepper!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Look I'm Holding my Own Bowl

Just had to share as we think she's adorable.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uncle Scott at the Derby

Apparently Uncle Scott went to the Derby and his picture ended up on Yahoo sports (

I wonder if he'll be wearing his frilly pink shirt to the baptism.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New House

So for those of you who haven't heard Chris and I have purchased a new house. It's just down the street from our current house. After what seemed like forever we finally closed on it last week. Take a look at our dream house...

Ok so not exactly our dream home yet, but some day after we tear this one down it will be. The house is actually pretty old but is on almost an acre lot so when it was put up for sale we decided to go ahead and buy it even though we aren't even close to ready to build. For the time being we are going to clean it up and rent it out. We actually spent a good chunk of time working on the front yard this weekend so you can actually see the house if you where to drive by it today. I'll post more pictures as we make progress. Wish us luck!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Play Time

This past weekend we got Emmie a jumper to play in. At first she wasn't so sure of it, but she seems to be getting used to it. Here's a picture that Maria (Emmie's nanny) took of her playing in it today.