Sunday, February 8, 2009

Emmie's New Wheels

Today I splurged and got Emmie a battery powered riding toy. I guess I’m living vicariously through her but I think it’s a cool toy. She doesn’t seem to get the grasp of it as she keeps pushing it instead of riding it. Here’s some video of her on it (we had to tape down the go button). Her Uncle Austin and Auntie Dani stopped by on their way back to Austin and helped put it together.

Catching Up

January was a busy month; we are way behind on our blog updates. So here's the January recap...We celebrated Pamma and Auntie Erin's Birthdays, Pamma & Grandpa Larry's and Granny & G-daddy's Anniversary's (43 & 38 years). Our nanny Maria had her little boy (Ian) and both mom & baby are doing well. Emmie’s walking like a pro and getting into everything. She’s so fast too!!! She’s not really saying any words but understands bye, ball & dog. Works been busy with the additional role but I'll try to be better about staying up to date after this week.
Playing with a purple frog that's always by Lala's front door.
Emmie & Pepper looking out her bedroom window.

Sharing snacks with Pepper.
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Bath time is still one of Emmie's favorite times. She especially likes running & dancing around in her birthday suit after her bath.

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Emmie loves running off into our room to play on our bed and loves to try to type on the computer.

...and here she's just being silly!!
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Playing in the tent at Collin's birthday party.

Hanging out with G-daddy.

Going for a ride in the lower part of her stroller. She can get in but couldn't figure out how to get herself out so she got upset after this shot.

Pushing her new automatic buggy around. No need to charge the battery!
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