Monday, July 28, 2008

what's old is new again

Ok well not exactly, but it is a heck of a lot cleaner and Maria has moved in so it's livable!!
We owe some major thank yous to my dad for doing a majority of the work and the directions provided for what seems like the little work we did in comparison. Additional thank yous go out to Chris' mom & dad for their help and my mom for watching Emmie while we all worked (for that one I think she owes us a thank you). We could not have gotten it done without all of you! We love you!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Coco is Laura & Scott's miniature Yorkie, for the most part she won't let anyone other than Scott or Laura hold her but by the time we were leaving she was starting to warm up to all of us. Emmie thought Coco was just too funny and just her size (Coco is like 5lbs).

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Granny & Emmie

Emmie has been hanging out with her Granny for the last 5 days and has been spoiled rotten. I'm pretty sure Emmie will be disapointed tomorrow morning when I show up to pick her up vs. her Granny. I'm also sure Granny will miss running after Emmie.
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Auntie Laura and Uncle Scott

Emmie has not seen her Auntie Laura since she was 3 days old so it was good to catch up with her. We are all glad that Laura, Scott and Coco are back in Texas. Coco wanted to be part of the picture too.

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Breakfast at Waterloo

Seems like every time we go to Austin we make a stop at Waterloo on 360 for breakfast with the Mitchell's and Hanvey's. Here's Emmie with Grandpa Larry and Pamma. She tried Cantaloupe for the 1st time and liked it.

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I'm so spoiled

Saturday night Emmie was spoiled rotten by her extended family.

Emmie & Auntie Shirley

Lucia keeping Emmie happy

Emmie with Jim and Lucia (Auntie Laura's parent's)
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Swimming with G-Daddy

Sometimes my helmet makes me hot so I like swimming even more than before as it cools me off. On Saturday I got to go swimming with G-Daddy before dinner.

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Weekend in Austin

This weekend we went to Austin to visit and got to see a lot of people. On Saturday Emmie got to check out Whitney and Cristina's new place and played with Barley. Unfortunately mommy was lazy and didn't take her camera in so we didn't get any pictures. But their new place is looking great!Bellow are pictures of me with Pamma, Great Grandma Flow, Grandpa Larry and Paw Paw.

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1st Tooth

Emmie's 1st tooth is breaking through. So far she hasn't been too bothered but the other day during lunch she realized something was there. She keeps running her tongue over her new tooth. We haven't been able to get a picture of the tooth but here are some of her trying to figure out what's in her mouth.

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Play Time with Allie

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maria - Emmie's Nanny

Most of you have heard me talk about how great Emmie's nanny is with her. Here's a picture of her with Emmie. Emmie loves mirrors and is checking out her new look.
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Longhorn Pride

Emmie is ready to go play some UT football. Ok well maybe not football but she has her helmet all decked out with a sparkly pink and a plain white longhorn. So far other than the heat Emmie doesn't seem too bothered by the helmet. She does wake up during the night and grumbles for a minute or two but then goes back to sleep. Based on the fact that she is usually turned around and on the other side of her bed in the mornings I think she's just readjusting. The heat is another thing, as she has a bit of a rash from the heat and is so happy when we take it off to go swimming.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Helmet Time

Well it's official - Emmie is now wearing a helmet. We went with the plain pink helmet and are working on breaking it in. So far Emmie seems to be unaffected by it. She does seem to get a little hot in it especially if she's outside. I think it shows off her cute cubby checks. For the next couple of months she will be wearing the helmet in most her pictures but not to worry when it's all done the roundness of her head will be perfect like the rest of her. She also got her first pair of shoes today, it's kind of mommy's way of dealing with life, all moments in life should be celebrated with new shoes, especially if you get a good deal on them!

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Trying to Crawl

Emmie's still not crawling but she's working on it. She can pretty much figure out a way to get where she wants by rolling or going backward. It won't be too much longer before she's mobile.
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Where's Dinner?

Emmie has graduated to her big girl high chair and is enjoying it.

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