Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Emmie enjoyed her 2nd Christmas a little more than her 1st one. She sort of got the idea of unwrapping gifts by the time the day was done. We started Christmas morning at Granny and Granddad's where we played with them as well as Uncle Scott, Uncle Austin, Auntie Laura and Coco, we missed seeing Auntie Dani. The second part of the day was spent with Pamma and Grandpa Larry where we also got to see Great Grandma and PawPaw. We even made it to Auntie Shirley's and Auntie Kathy's for visits....what a busy and fun time we had!!

And the mandatory "Peek a Boo"
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Check out the old school high chair (this was Chris')
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playing with boxes

and the best Christmas present ever...yep a box!!

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Reading Time

with Auntie Laura

with Auntie Shirley (thanks Lynn for the new book!!)
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Emmie!!

Today is Emmie's 1st's hard to believe a year ago at about this time we started calling family and friends to let them know this would be the day. At 5:45 p.m. she arrived, our beautiful little girl. Looking back it seems she gets more beautiful each day. We had a great party this weekend and celebrated with our wonderful family and friends. Emmie totally dug the bouncy house, probably as much as her mom & dad ;-) To those who were able to make it thanks for joining us! I’ll post more pictures soon.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Pictures

Last Saturday my friend Karen (see link to her site on right) met us to take some pictures of all of us. Emmie wasn't as happy as normal, don't get me wrong she wasn't unhappy - just serious. It didn't matter as Karen got some great shots. Here are a few...

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Home for Allie

Some of you already know that we had to find a new baby free home for Allie. We were lucky to find Irene who has taken Allie in. We dropped her off in Manor at her new home where she has 3 acres to run and a warm home to live in. It was sad!!! Today I got a call from Irene letting me know things are going well. Allie seems happy and based on the update is behaving better than she did for us. Her main question “she ate her food so fast, should I give her more”? It made me smile as I know she always thought she had to eat fast or Pepper would eat all her food. Maybe she’ll learn to slow it down a little...
It's going to be hard for Chris and me for a while but it's good to know she's got a great new home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Emmie's Walking!

I'll load the video this weekend but Emmie is officially walking. She takes 3 -4 steps on her own.

Emmie's Upcoming Birthday

Ok so I realize she's only turning 1 and the party is more about Chris and me being excited but... it's just been such a fun year and we've been so lucky that she's been such a good baby. So you can't blame me if I'm having a little fun with the party preparations. I was motivated by my friend Jenn's Halloween party and am getting a moonwalk. I'm not sure who will be more excited, me or Emmie. Also since her birthday is so close to Christmas, Santa has agreed to stop by to say hi to all the boys and girls.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Toy

Granny and G-Daddy gave me my Birthday present early, as you can see I'm enjoying playing with it. Thanks!!

Granny and Santa

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How Cute am I!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Emmie ate two dinners and played Peek a Boo with everyone.

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Go longhorns!

Coco thought it would be funny to wear her new A&M sweater for Thanksgiving. It didn't seem to help the Aggies who ended the season last in the Big 12 South.
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