Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was Emmie's 1st Halloween. She went to our friend Jennifer and her son Connor's Halloween Party. It's by far the coolest Halloween party and I'm glad she's not old enough to realize it. She also had cotton candy for the 1st time and liked it.

Jumping on the trampoline with Daddy

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More Halloween Pictures

Playing basketball with Michelle

Jumping in the bouncy play house with mommy

And playing with the dog bowls

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Look at me, I found my socks...

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Longhorn Pumpkin

Tonight I actually finished the pumpkin I started carving last night. I think it turned out pretty cool...

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Waseca Pumpkin Carving

We had our 2nd annual Waseca Pumpkin carving contest and I have no pictures. I know I'm a terrible mom. I was so darn busy trying to carve the perfect pumpkin, which didn't turn out, and Emmie was not a happy camper as she refused to take a second nap. Melissa did catch her trying to get some pizza while we weren't looking. We did have a good time hanging out with all our neighbors and next year I'm going to pick a much easier pumpkin design.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watching Signing Times

In the last couple of weeks Emmie has started watching Signing Times videos which teach children how to sign. I think she likes seeing the kids on the TV and she does move her hands around from time to time but it's more of a waiving than signing anything. Here she is watching her video and eating Cherry Puffs, her all time favorite snack (you can see one attached to her dress).
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Hanging out with Pep & Allie

As you can tell Emmie is not shy with the dogs and for the most part they could care less. We do keep and eye out on all 3 of them as Emmie tends to pull hair and crawl over them.

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On the go...

Emmie is very quick when it comes to getting around.

Taking a quick brake

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Here I go again

Finally I got what I was looking for..

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Doing Laundry

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Donuts with Kristen

Emmie loves her donuts, her she is enjoying them during the start of the Texas vs. OU game

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Emmie Masters Floating

As a lot of you already know Emmie has been taking Infant Swimming Resource ( classes that teach her how to float. It's been a very intense but cool class. Our instructor is wonderful and Emmie mastered the skill she needs to save herself from drowning in 5 weeks. Considering we had 2 weeks off due to Ike I'm amazed it didn't take longer. If you ever have the chance to have your child take one of these classes I highly recommend it. Hopefully it's only an insurance policy that she'll never have to use, but if she does, she is ready.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Play Time

So Emmie does have real toys, she particularly likes the mirror :-)

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No more Tron

After a short 3 months Emmie's head is perfect (that's per the Dr. not just her Mom & Dad) and the Tron helmet take it's place among other longhorn decorated memorabilia. Part of me will miss the protection of the helmet but it is nice to see Emmie's entire head. As it would just be cruel to make her wear it for Halloween she will not be Tron. We are taking suggestions for her Halloween costume so leave them in the comments.
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Why do we buy toys?

Ok seriously when I say Emmie doesn't need any toys I mean it. Our parents constantly ask us what can they get Emmie and I always say put money in her 529 (although these days toys seem like a better investment). Her new favorite toys are the free noise maker we got at a charity walk and the dog bowls. She can entertain herself by just pushing the bowls around and banging them. When you don't hear the bowls banging you know you need to go find her ;-) Please note she has plenty of age appropriate toys so it's not due to lack of choices that she plays with the dog bowls.

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