Monday, June 8, 2009

Swim Update

So yesterday we had our neighbor's over to swim and enjoy the warm weather. At the end Emmie was just running around the pool and was very close to the edge. We told her to slow down and be careful (which she understands but ignores) but she wasn't and fell right in to the pool and she went right into her float position and Chris and I waited till she had control to pick her up. She was mad and scared but did a great job. You'd think that would slow her down but nope as soon as she stopped crying she did the same thing again and once again saved herself. She wasn't in any real danger as Chris and I were both with her and saw her fall in and we are very good about keeping to pool fence up to prevent her from getting too close but it's still good to know that if an accident happens she knows what to do to save herself till we can get to her. We do practice her floating with her but it's not like we are going to just push her in but we also want her to learn so this was a good test to make sure she can do it when it's truly unexpected.

Monday, June 1, 2009

St. Andrews

Chris did get to play the Old Course at St. Andrews so he's very happy (and tired). I went down and was able to walk the last hole with them. There are a ton more pictures on Picasa that Chris took while playing the course.

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When I think of England I think of castles, good chocolate, rainy & cold weather, and crazy relatives in distant places (not that we aren't plenty crazy in Texas). On this trip however I've been very wrong about the weather. When someone says they want to go to England I normally roll my eyes and say take warm clothes, a rain coat & bring me back some chocolate. Boy someone is teaching me a lesson...the weather has been perfect this entire trip. Even the rain we got in Amsterdam was perfectly timed to be during the night while we slept.
We spent Saturday morning going around Whitley Bay area and apparently people don't get up as early as Emmie (6 freakin' a.m.!!!) so we made the rounds twice once with the little monster and once without. We still need to go climb up St. Mary's lighthouse and buy a crap load of candy/chocolate to take back to complete the trip but I think as of this morning we have done everything we needed and wanted to do on our trip. I believe Chris is at St. Andrews playing golf (he forgot his phone at the hotel so he can't text me to confirm but I haven't heard from him and there was an 8:30 opening as of last night so hopefully he got lucky), we went to London and walked and saw what seems like every landmark and them some. We went to a Brithish wedding saw a couple castles, ate fish & chips, meat pies and didn't throw our kiddo into the North Sea (even if she has been getting us up at 6 a.m.). We will post most the pictures on Picasa as it's just too many to try to manage on the blog. As with most vacations one takes as a couple we have very few of both or all three of us.

Here's a picture of Emmie and me in front of a castle close to my Granny's (I'll find the name and try to update later). She's trying to climb over the ledge so getting her to stay still wasn't going to happen.
I'm off to my Spa day at the Fairmont St. Andrews once I'm done getting pampered I'll try to load more pictures and the link to the Picasa albums.
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