Monday, December 8, 2008

New Home for Allie

Some of you already know that we had to find a new baby free home for Allie. We were lucky to find Irene who has taken Allie in. We dropped her off in Manor at her new home where she has 3 acres to run and a warm home to live in. It was sad!!! Today I got a call from Irene letting me know things are going well. Allie seems happy and based on the update is behaving better than she did for us. Her main question “she ate her food so fast, should I give her more”? It made me smile as I know she always thought she had to eat fast or Pepper would eat all her food. Maybe she’ll learn to slow it down a little...
It's going to be hard for Chris and me for a while but it's good to know she's got a great new home.

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