Monday, May 5, 2008

New House

So for those of you who haven't heard Chris and I have purchased a new house. It's just down the street from our current house. After what seemed like forever we finally closed on it last week. Take a look at our dream house...

Ok so not exactly our dream home yet, but some day after we tear this one down it will be. The house is actually pretty old but is on almost an acre lot so when it was put up for sale we decided to go ahead and buy it even though we aren't even close to ready to build. For the time being we are going to clean it up and rent it out. We actually spent a good chunk of time working on the front yard this weekend so you can actually see the house if you where to drive by it today. I'll post more pictures as we make progress. Wish us luck!!

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Blantons said...

Thanks for the comment, and CONGRATS to you guys too!! Looks like there is a lot of potential on this lot!!