Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Helmet Time

Well it's official - Emmie is now wearing a helmet. We went with the plain pink helmet and are working on breaking it in. So far Emmie seems to be unaffected by it. She does seem to get a little hot in it especially if she's outside. I think it shows off her cute cubby checks. For the next couple of months she will be wearing the helmet in most her pictures but not to worry when it's all done the roundness of her head will be perfect like the rest of her. She also got her first pair of shoes today, it's kind of mommy's way of dealing with life, all moments in life should be celebrated with new shoes, especially if you get a good deal on them!

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Kyle, Missy, Avery, and Jessie said...

Where is the picture of the shoes? Girlie shoes are so cute and addicting. She looks cute in her helmet. Only adorable kids can pull it off.