Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catching Up

January was a busy month; we are way behind on our blog updates. So here's the January recap...We celebrated Pamma and Auntie Erin's Birthdays, Pamma & Grandpa Larry's and Granny & G-daddy's Anniversary's (43 & 38 years). Our nanny Maria had her little boy (Ian) and both mom & baby are doing well. Emmie’s walking like a pro and getting into everything. She’s so fast too!!! She’s not really saying any words but understands bye, ball & dog. Works been busy with the additional role but I'll try to be better about staying up to date after this week.
Playing with a purple frog that's always by Lala's front door.
Emmie & Pepper looking out her bedroom window.

Sharing snacks with Pepper.
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the blanton family.... said...

I love that picture of Emmie and Pepper looking out the window- adorable!!