Monday, April 27, 2009

New Car

This weekend we went and drove Suburbans and ended up trading the 4-Runner in for a new one with all the bells and whistles. We had almost decided to call it a day because as it turns out I'm a lot pickier on the color than I thought I would be. You'd think with 6 or more shades of silver and like 2 blacks we could have located one but the only ones with the options we wanted were in what seemed like the one shade of silver I did not like. Anyway the last car we looked at was the Z71 black w/black interior. It was right off the truck (not even in inventory) so we had to wait till today to pick it up. I just got it and love it! My 4-Runner was pretty basic so I hadn't realize how much I missed all the bells and whistles. It was a little bitter sweet turning in the 4-Runner as it was a fun car but just a little too small with needing space for both Pepper and Emmie.

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TGlinsky said...

What s the 3rd row of seats like? Does it fold down into the vehicle or do you have to take the seats in/out when using or not? Also do the 3rd row people sit with their knees down like normal or are their knees up a little - I was thinking of getting a bigger car too, but can't find one with all the necessary requirements.