Monday, June 8, 2009

Swim Update

So yesterday we had our neighbor's over to swim and enjoy the warm weather. At the end Emmie was just running around the pool and was very close to the edge. We told her to slow down and be careful (which she understands but ignores) but she wasn't and fell right in to the pool and she went right into her float position and Chris and I waited till she had control to pick her up. She was mad and scared but did a great job. You'd think that would slow her down but nope as soon as she stopped crying she did the same thing again and once again saved herself. She wasn't in any real danger as Chris and I were both with her and saw her fall in and we are very good about keeping to pool fence up to prevent her from getting too close but it's still good to know that if an accident happens she knows what to do to save herself till we can get to her. We do practice her floating with her but it's not like we are going to just push her in but we also want her to learn so this was a good test to make sure she can do it when it's truly unexpected.

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