Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost Control

Ok so I'm at least 99.9% to blame but we have lost control of our living room with Emmie friendly items. Damn Wal-Mart for having a special on the Barbie play house/tent. I will also admit that I secretly wish I was a kid again so I could fully enjoy this. I purchases this for Emmie and she has turned it into her little home in less than 1 evening. She takes Michael (our nanny's baby) into it her "house" and Bolt is watching out for them (although facing the wrong way). I'm sure we will have more pictures to post of her new "house" with her in them, but for now you just get to see our transformed living room.

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Missy said...

Now we can't come to your house because Avery will want one too. Just kidding. The princess house is too cute!!!!

TGlinsky said...

No worries, we have one too albeit a Princess house along with the tunnel to go with it. I feel like our house has be over run as well, but it won't last long.