Monday, September 29, 2008

Emmie's 9 Months Old

Thanks to the lack of power (we did finally get it back after 13 days of no power) I'm a little late with this post. Last week Emmie turned 9 months old. She's 28 inches tall and weighs 17 lbs; apparently she's tall and skinny for her age but healthy. She has mastered crawling and is pulling herself up on everything and wants to walk every where. We think she'll be walking before she's 10 months old but we'll just have to wait and see. She has also figured out how to go upstairs but not how to go down them so we have purchased baby gates to be installed this evening. We have also lowered her crib to the lowest setting as she seems to always be standing in it when we go to get her out of it. We are lucky as she is still a laid back and happy little girl. She does seem to not want anyone other than a select few of us to hold her so we are working on that.


TGlinsky said...

I love it....what a great photo op. She is getting so big. I guess only liking a few people at this stage is about right, but she will get over it soon!

Rosemery said...

hey - what a cute picture...did you pose her like that?
my mom says your baby is so cute and asks if she's part asian....hahahha... (i think we need to get her some new glasses)

Blantons said...

Happy 9 Month Emmie!!! She is getting so big and even more adorable (if that's possible) every day!